Friday, February 28, 2003

Oh my god…

What the hell is this?

A Day In The Life

Woke up today at about 1:30pm or so and didn't get out of bed till about 2:00pm. I mainly sat on my mom's bed, laptop blasting out Queens of the Stone Age and me, with my trusty guitar, playing along to the kick ass tunes that filled the room.

It was about an hour after this that my mom asked if we wanted to go, of all things, a monster truck show, with Christopher, Nini and our respective fathers.

I was quite ambivialent on the subject. I really could care less about a bunch of hicks, hootin' and hollerin' about some whacked out red neck driving a equally whacked out truck. But, my brother wanted to go so I said 'fuck it'. We've never been to one before and I'm one for trying new things.

I feel dizy right now.

My mom, dad, Vince and myself eat some cheeseburgers at Texaco and my mom drops us off at Centenial Garden. I took my iPod with me when went to eat and when my mom droped us off, I had left my headphones in the car (more on that later).

Timmy and Tweety said they'd meet us there at 7:30pm, we got there fifeteen minutes earlier. Fortunatley for me, the local rock radio station, Krab, was there covering the event. Being early gave me time to lodge my complaints with their shitty playlists. The D.J. was in total agreement with me, but he said he 'has about as much control of the music as does the janitor'. Note to self never work in radio.

So, we get inside. Watch the truck jump and make noise. Watch some kids do some motocross and ATV stuff. Oh yeah, I was bored off my fuckin ass.

Cut to 12:30am. I go out to the car to get my Grado SR-60 headphones (THEE best headphones, EVER!) and my mom is like 'lookin' for your headphone' to which I say, yup.

Here's where it gets sad, aparently when I left on the floorboard of the car, the cord fell out of the car, thus causing the jack to scrape against the road for an undetermined ammount of time. She said the jack is pretty worn down, so it must've draged for a few miles atleast. My headphones are at my grandparents' house, I've gotta go and see if they still work tomorrow (or later since it's 5am right now).

Anyone wanna buy me some headphones?

Also, Lila and her cousin Tiffany called me and left a bunch of bizare messages on my voice mail. Tiffany is a weird chick.

But then, what woman isn't?

Wednesday, February 26, 2003


I added some pictures from the birthday party I went to last Monday.

Click here to see them.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Thank you…

I love, love, love this woman. There's no force, no ammount of material goods, no combination of words and phrases to describe what I feel for her.

I anticipate the day we're married, and I can parade her around, proudly. Braging to people about how wonderful she is, how much I care for her. Shooting off my mouth at what a great catch she is, how they missed out on having the most awesome person to walk the planet.

I probably don't say it enough to her, but she knows I love her.

On a more lighter note. I went toSharon's 16th birthday party I had loads o' fun. Got to see all my cousins/freinds. No major incidents went down, no fights or anything that's worth writing about. All in all, a pretty un-eventful, but fun, party.

Sharon looked so happy, I just had to laugh at how happy she was. She got pretty drunk, so by the end of the party she was hanging all over me and we were playing hand slap games that six-year old girls play in school.

I suck at those games.

My cousin Jenny and I did a lovely rendition of 'Hey Jude' as we left, she sang and I played piano. We got applauded, which shocked me 'cuz I was doing it as a joke. Jenny and her family are well versed in music, there not just all about top 40 shit. They know good music. Her dad (my first cousin) had quite a long conversation about jazz, our love of Elvis Costello. Quite a cool guy.

Speaking of music, I bought the Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf, fucking brilliant album. I haven't stoped listening to it since I got it on Saturday. Every song is genius. A dark, yet catchy and some-what poppy rock album. Something that's been needed for a long time.

I also picked up Sing-Sing's The Joy of Sing-Sing. Also a kick ass album, very different from The Queen's album, but equally good. A very sample-oriented album with amazingly dreamy vocals and beats. Command is a damn sexy song. But the album people.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Not a day for consumerism.

Today was a shit day for me buying things. I went to the mall to get my Limited Edition Spider-Man DVD boxed set, they didn't have it. Of course I was supposed to pick it up back in November. Atleast they game me my $10 bucks back for my reservation.

Then, I went to get a ear-piece for my cell phone. All they had was a box set which included and car-charger, ear-piece and fake leather case. So the salesman sold me just ear piece for $10 bucks.

Cut to ten minutes later I'm at Dewars getting Ice Cream, and decide to test my ear-piece. Plug it in, making noise. Speaker works, great. Make a call, no one can hear me. The fucking microphone is broken. Now I gotta go back and get my money back.

Thing is he didn't give me a reciept, he most likely pocketed the $10 bucks for him self, slimy bastard. Now I gotta go when he's there and it'll end up more trouble than what it's worth.

One steady flow of thought.

I'm watching The Screen Savers right now and my brother, Vince, is playing Mortal Kombat II on the PC. Leo is doing an interview with Simson Garfinkel and Abhi Shelat about hard drive data still being on the disk. Even though most people think they're safe.

Vince just knocked Shang Tsung off the pit.

I went to Target yesterday and applied for a Target Visa card. I got aproved! $6000 credit limit, K-Rad (what does K-rad mean, I've been saying it for years, yet I don't know what it means).

I spent alot of time trying to set up the images folder on the site yesterday. I was trying to get Apache to list the contents with icons and stuff. I did it. Check it out here

Crystal called me yesterday. She was bored and she did one of her couple with me. She thought I was Paul, how gross?

I've been eating a lot of potato chips, in paticular Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream and straigh up plain Lays. I guess I should cut down, but, they're so good. And I get bored at night, and when I get bored, I eat.

I want a Junghans Atomic Watch they're so cool. You never have to set the time, they use the atomic clock that's in Colorado (I think).

I miss my woman... she's cool. She's my other half if you will.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

No Beer and No T.V. Make Homer Go Something-Something

God, I gotta start sleeping earlier. It's fuckin 6:51am and I'm still up.

I'm not tired, but I have no energy. My eyes can barley stay open, yet it hurts to close my eyes. My brain has shut down and I don't even know what I'm typing, but still it's churning out idea after idea.

Maybe I should stay out in the sun tomorrow. I read that your body's internal clock gets set by the sun. So I figure if I stay out, I'll get back on a normal, human sleep schedule (remember when MS Outlook was called Schedule +).

Oh yeah, I hate George Bush and all he stands for!


25th Anniversary of the BBS

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the BBS. God I miss them.

From 1996 to 1998 I ran a BBS called 'The Laugh House'. I was among the last of a dying breed in town.

It was just us, a bunch of die-hard computer users/nerds, trying to improve on something that was already far better than anything then we have ever experienced. At the time, to me anyway, there's was nothing greater then configuring ANSI files for my 'welcome screen'.

I, unfortunately, got into it when the BBS was on it's way out and the 'net was gaining in popularity more and more everyday. I would gladly give up access to the internet to go back to the days of the BBS. It just seemed so much more personal. Like a community. I considered everyone I met during those years a part of my family.

I really miss all those guys.

Happy 25th BBS!

The Phone That Wouldn’t Stop

Let me tell you a story about woman who doesn't know a thing about phone courtesy.

This woman call and lets the phone ring... and ring... and ring... and ring. For like fifteen minutes straight. That's not polite... at all.

I think a ringing phone is so annoying.

I just let it ring 4-5 times and hang up. I get the message. They're not there. They don't wanna talk to me.

Friday, February 14, 2003


Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope everyone gets kissed and get some chocolates... just watch out for the anal warts. They're a doozy.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

amd barton

The Screen Savers has a review on AMD's new Athlon XP 3000+ Barton (not a very catchy name). You can read it here

Storms a brewin’

It's been storming here since about 4:30am. Wind and rain, you know, the good stuff. The wind blowing rustling all the leaves of the trees surrounding my house. I really find it relaxing.

Monday, February 10, 2003

What a party

I got back from the party last night at about 3:00am. The party was less then fun, to say the least.

Turns out the party wasn't a party, but a wake dinner. For those of you who don't know what that is, let me explain.

Sometimes when people die, a year after the person dies they have a 'memorial' dinner. Which basically consists of a bunch of people getting together drinking and having a dinner that's been sitting on the table for about an hour so it's ice cold. Yum.

I, of course, know NO ONE there and get introduced to the dead guys grandsons and we hit it off pretty well. They're not usually the kind of people I'd hang out with, but they're nice and the only ones there within three years of my age.

To make a super night even more spectacular, the hotel is a real snooty place in Santa Monica, therefore, security is super tight. No drinking at all. So the wondertwins inform me of this and suddenly the strange urge to commit suicide overcomes me and I have to sit down.

I know I said in my last post that I wasn't gonna drink, but it was so fuckin' boring that I had to do something. Well about a hour later we decide to leave and head to the Promenade. What a fucking joke. That place is so fucking elitist and status conscious that I just wanted to throw-up. I really fuckin' hate Los Angeles.

We leave at about midnight.

As we're leaving the guy whos brother had died given us two halfs of a giant chocolate chip cake. My mother and Nini's mother didn't want to keep. I wouldn't find out the reason until later.

So at about 1:00am we stop at a place called Cafe Mike in Castaic. Now I'm all for hating major corporations and taking down big business. But, there are somethings where big business strives at, and that's making un-healthy oil-based foods.

I eat what I know, and I know Denny's. I'd much rather eat at a dirty Denny's than a dirty truck stop called Cafe Mike. I walked in the place and felt like I had been transported to another dimension or something, it was just bizare.

The place was decorated like a typical truck stop restaruant. Weird metal signs from the 50's declaring that "There's nothing like a Coke" There's a couple in there who stay for 15 minutes, leave for 10 and come back. I assume they do this all night.

The 'staff' consisted of a 19-year old Arminian Elvis impersonator/waiter, a hispanic cook and a mysterious bus-boy who only stuck his head out from the kitchen door. The waiter was a hoot, he was threatning in a very non-threatning way. He would say we're real nice, but you couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not... very strange.

I've never in my entire life seen an American-Mexican truck stop. Yes, a truck stop that sells sandwiches and other American style food alongside Enchiladas and Tacos. By the way, the food was absolutely garbage. I took two bites of my Enchiladas and couldn't finish it.

So while we're eating we give the two chocolate cakes to the 'staff' at the truckstop and the weird ass couple and everyone else who happened to stop in. So I asked my mom why they didn't wanna keep the cakes and it turns out the guy who died was a murderer. Yup, a killer.

Apparently, the guy had an affair with a woman and he stoped seeing her. She threatened to expose him. So instead he takes her out on his boat, chops her up and throws her in the water.

I now believe with out a shadow of a doubt that my family is mentally insane.

Sunday, February 9, 2003


I'm going to a party in Los Angeles tonight. It's gonna suck major, but there's nothing else to do on a Sunday... so why not?

I'm not really all into party's that much. I just like to go just to do something, know what I mean? It's not the whole social interaction thing that appeals to me, just getting out of the house and doing something besides sitting in front of the computer or TV.

I'm not gonna drink tonight

I want to, but we're probably gonna come home late at night and I don't wanna be drunk and nauseated in the car. Having that taste of vomit in the back of your throat. The projectile amalgam of vodka, whiskey and other alcoholic properties preparing to make it's journey from your stomach to some sort of container. I do not wanna have that feeling at 100 miles from holding in the puke as not to ruin the car.

Good times!

Clone High

I hate MTV. I think that it has single handedly lowered America's standards for what is considered good music.

I think any network that tells you what's "good music" is nothing more than an evil corporation. Bent on selling a look more than actual music that most people can listen to for more the three seconds.

Not only do they play the worlds shittiest music, they play said shit over and over and over again. How many times can I listen to Justin Timberlake whine about how he want me to 'cry him a river'? They seriously played that video no more than five times, in one hour!

But, I gotta admit. Once in a great while they'll have some thing that's worth watch. Which brings me to Clone High. The show is brilliant, it's bizarre and full of stupid pop-culture references, that it makes a pompous ass, like myself, burst into laughter.

How many shows out there have a Mr. Belvedere robot/vice principal?

One. Only one.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, yesterday was my birthday. I had a nice birthday all my friends who weren't there called me and wished me a happy birthday which was cool.

I'm choking on water right now.

I made out like a bandit in the gift department. My mom got me OS X 10.2 and $200 bucks. Moe gave me $200 bucks and a cool Casio divers watch with like three dials in it. Real cool.

All in all, I got like $600 bucks total.

My mom got me a Baskin Robins' Ice Cream birthday cake, it was surprisingly good. It's the first time in a long time I remember eating two slices. Wish I had some now.

Yesterday afternoon I decided I wanted to go to the driving range. I hadn't been there in about three or four months, so I was shocked to see that the place had went to shit. In order to explain I have to tell you about Jose Arredando (Probably not spelled right, but fuck it!)

Jose started Family motors a very successful new and used car dealership, he's probably the richest person in Bakersfield. Now it's not proven or anything but it's most likely that some or most of his money is made through drug trafficking.

From 2001 through 2002 this man was every where. You look left and he's there, you look down he's there, you go hit a bucket of balls... he's there.

So he sells the place to a Japanese guy and the place goes to shit. The end.

That was so pointless...

But, I had a fun birthday!

Saturday, February 1, 2003

I love my Mac

I love my Mac! Everything just looks so much better.

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer needs to be stopped! They're showing a clip of a this fat, naked, tattooed man eating his wife's soup. But there's a catch. She puts cockroaches in the soup before he can eat it. His show's gone downhill since he released that retarted piece of crap, Ringmaster.

There's something about Americans, and people in general, that makes us fascinated with people who are weirder than us. Often times, I've noticed that it's usually for personal gain (I know, your asking where are you going with this? Nowhere.) and I feel that is wrong and we should all stop!

I would make fun of every fat, ugly, deformed bizzare weirdo I've seen, but, I'm in too that whole karma thing.