Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sad Pizza Man

p>For the last three or four days I've been craving a pizza from Pizza Hut. But on each, and every single night that the pizza craving launched a surprise attack on my stomach, something with a force similar to that of a typhoon had prevented me from achieving my goal of cheesy crusty goodness.

Example, one night my craving struck after they (Pizza Hut) were closed, the following night PIzza Hut was so busy they weren't doing any more deliveries. But last night, oh yes, that was my shining moment. Last night, my friend, the moon and stars aligned and allowed me to obtain the delectable disc shaped heart stopper.

So, after waiting the prerequisite 35-45 minutes for delivery my moment had come. "Ding-Dong" I heard, I let out a slightly girly cry of 'yay' and opened the door...

Once I opened the door, however, things changed. You see, the delivery guy was the same guy who used to deliver them way back when. See, I haven't ordered from Pizza Hut in about 6-7 months, so it was quite shocking to see his dumb, scared face staring at me through my security door holding my pizza. I see him, standing on the porch, freezing in the cold, he builds up enough courage to say "Fourteen Thrity-seven...".

The one thing about him that always bugged me was I could never tell if he was just a total asshole, or dumb. Last night however, I found out the truth. He's scared. I gave him a twenty and as he counted off from twenty it hit me, he gave me my change and I tipped him a measly $1. He looked at me, deep in my eyes and I realized he's scared.

Scared of what you say? Certainly not me. He's delivered countless pizza-pies to my house and I'm pretty sure he knows I wont jack him.

So what do I honestly think he was scared of? Deep down inside, I think he's scared for his future. Scared that he wont live up to expectations others have put on him, scared that he thinks he's letting people down that he still delivers pizzas.

But, on the other hand, when I gave him his tip he didn't say 'thank you' he said 'OK'. Like he expected more.

What an asshole.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

slight redesign

UPDATE -- Turns out things are a lot more messed up then I though I'm going to have to hose out the entire MT directory and start over fresh.

I'm going to do a slight redesign over the weekend. Nothing too major, just kinda clean things up a bit.

Powweb, my webhost, has been acting really weird and putting a 'cap' on programs hogging memory. I keep getting 500 cgi errors.

Although, I must admit though, things got royaly fucked up since I installed MT-Blacklist. I cannot begin to explain how much I hate this program. It kind of reminds me of a red-headed-bastard-step-child. People appreciate that it's there, but don't exploit its full potential.

Well, I'm off to watch... er, I mean, 'play' Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I fucking hate spam. It drives me crazy. But, the one type of spam I hate the most is blog spam. OH MY GOD OMG ARGGHHHHHHHH. Drives me nuts. I'm pretty iritated right now with all this fucking "Hold 'em rules" and "Vioxx Lawsuit". Do they think I'm a depressed arthritic with a gambling problem? Drives me nuts.

Anyway, since MT-Blacklist does absolutley shit from stopping spammers posting in the first place, I'm probably going to install some kind of verification system in the comments. Like where you have to type in what it says in the image in order to post.

My comments section contains 400 comments, 280 of which are spam comments, and I just cleaned it out three days ago...


Saturday, November 13, 2004

Back Alley Tech Tip

I recently stumbled upon Microsofts' new desktop theme. It's called Energy Blue and I have to say, it's really awesome. Here's what it looks like on my pc.


Pretty sharp looking huh, it's almost like the default blue, but just a bit better in my opinion. The thing is, this theme is made for PC's running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, so in order to get it working it requires a bit of hacking. Luckily, I'm a pretty nice guy and I've written a little guide to help you, my dear friends, install this wonderful theme. You're going to need WinZip or WinRar</a or some other type of third party unzipping utility installed on you computer. Ready? Ok.

1. First, you will want to start off by downloading the theme

2. Right click the file you downloaded and choose the option that will allow you to extract the files to your desktop.

3. Place the file called 'royale.theme' in your 'C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes' folder

4. Make a directory in 'C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes' and call it 'Royale'

5. Now put all the remaining files from the archive in 'C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\Royale'

6. Right click on the desktop and click on the 'Appearance' tab, click on the drop down box that's titled 'Windows and buttons and choose 'Windows XP style'. If you have more then one list for 'Windows XP style', try the first one. Then, click on the 'Color scheme' drop down box and choose Royale. You're done my friend.

A very simple hack that has some, I think, pretty awesome results. Now, if Royale doesn't appear in the 'Color scheme' drop down box, and you have more then one instance of 'Windows XP style' in the 'Windows and buttons' drop down, just simply choose the other option in the list. It should show up. If it doesn't then you should try the whole process again.

The whole process should take 10 minutes tops and is very straight forward.

Hope you enjoy this, I sure did.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

mame cab — new toys!

So I got some new toys for my mame cab. First, I bought myself the SlikStik Tornado Spinner. What an amazing toy, it really does spin for minutes, but I do have an interesting story to tell about it. But, that's for tomorrow.

I also switched out the joysticks from the Ultimarc T-Stik Plus, to the pretty much arcade standard Happ Competition Joystick. The difference is beyond words, the way the joystick moves is something I'm much more use to then the Ultimarc. I grew up playing Mortal Kombat and the Competition (although a modified version with a heavier spring) was used in the MK cab.

"L to R: The Happ Competition, Ultimarc T-Stik Plus"

The only thing I regret about getting rid of the T-Stik is the 4 way mode. Pac-Man is absolute garbage on an 8 way. It's impossible. So, that's why I ordered a Wico 4 way off of ebay. Should be here soon and I can't wait to install it.

One thing I don't miss about the T-Stik is its extremely short throw and super loud clicking.

Click image to start the video!

Notice how the Player 2 joystick doesn't hardly tilt at all, when I push on it that's all it goes. It makes a very odd feeling as if the joystick is stuck.

Also, if you look really closely in the background, I've got Ken in 'THEE HANDCUFFS'. Ninja what?!

Something I want to Point Out

Uhmm... Halo was boring as hell and Halo 2 is going to suck just as much.

(Ducks for cover)

That is all.

... Halo(2) sucks

Saturday, November 6, 2004

Send out some mojo!

Hey, in case you didn't hear, my buddy Paul Shaqz, is sick. He's got a sore throat, his momma made him some hot chocolate to make him feel better. I want him to feel better too! So, send out some mojo to him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Get yo’ drink on.

This is teh best picture ever. It's from two weeks ago when Mitch and Dannielle visted us for the day.

I added a bunch of pictures in the gallery.