Friday, May 27, 2005


Hey, I don't know if you've heard them before, but please, I BEG OF YOU, give Hella a listen. They're an awesome duo of musicians who blow my mind everyday.

Where is your God now?

This is the best The Burger King Photoshop ever!

Back in the Chain Gang

Well after a month of problems with the blog, I finally got it back up and running.

First I was getting constant 500 errors when I was trying to rebuild the blog after putting an entry, that's dissapointing to say the least, as this problem has happened before and the only solution I know is to reinstall Movable Type. Which can be a simple task, or in this current case a pain in the ass.

See, the newest version of Movable Type has some new code in the tmpl/cms files. Which some how, some way, managed to get missed during the upload. So, after searching for the answer for days, I finally found the answer on the MT support board.

Well, that's enough geek speak for now. Tonight I'm gonna make a new Guitar page, talking about all my guitars, amps and the mods I do to my guitars. Should give me something to do to kill some time.

I hate re-reading what I've typed. I have to do it to check for spelling errors and shit, but I just hate it. It sounds so good coming out of my brain as I type it, but so putrid when I read it back. Oh well.

Seacrest out!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Republic of Rough & Ready

I didn't think that losing an object would make me feel so lost. Boy, was I wrong.

Ya' see, I've had a pair of Grado SR-60 headphones for about three years and I love these headphone, they have an awesome sound to them.

So two weeks ago we got new carpet in the house and we had to pack everything in boxes and shove things in closets and move things next door. After putting the carpet in and going through everything and eliminating the stuff we didn't need anymore, there's only one item I couldn't find.

My Grado's.

So, after a week of looking for these headphones I finally found them, in Lila's closet.

That was kind of pointless, but I just had to talk about. I love these fucking headphones, man.

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