Saturday, August 23, 2003


Well, Mitch and Danielle were in town last Saturday. Good times.

We started off the fun filled weekend with us hanging out at the house and playing on Mitch's Mesa-Boogie Triple Rectifier. My God, what an amp.

Grabbed some grub at Sorella's were we laughed and made fun of people.

Then it was time.

We drive down to Edwards Cinema and buy our tickets for 'Freddy vs. Jason'. We walk around and hung out in the bookstore, reading comics and stupid magazines. We waited for Nini, Crystal and Captain Spaulding to show up (Captain Spaulding is Christopher, we call him that cuz he got scared on House of 1,000 Corpses). They call and said they're at Me & Ed's, we walk there and it's empty, no ones in there. I call them back up and they're at the bookstore. I told them meet us at the pizza place. They show up and Captain Spaulding has blue hair, we all laugh.

We're pumped, amped, what ever extreme word you want to use. We walk in, hand the loser our tickets, walk up to theatre seven, heads held high, waiting too see Jason kick some ass. "Can I see some I.D.?" the very full of herself theatre attendent exclaimed proudly. "Sure thing", I said to her. "Do these kids have I.D.?" she said sarcasticaly.

You see, aparrently since movies are a real threat to children, never mind the fact that we have a complete fucking moron running the country who sends out children to fight for him and the media depicting graphic images of REAL LIFE people getting murdered, is no possible harm on a child. But I digress, so this bitch is getting her pantys in a knot because 'it's California law, see the sign, see the sign!'. The funniest thing was that she took such personal offense that we questioned the law, as if she alone sat down and came up with the idea of an adult accompanying a minor to a movie.

So, she tells us all we can do is get a refund on the tickets, we have a chit-chat with the dork behind the counter and Danielle and I start to lose it and we start arguing with the woman. "These people came three-hundred miles to see this movie with me!" I yelled at her. "Sir, you need to calm down and not yell" she replied back to me as a I calmly backed off her glass partition.

We end up getting four free passes and see the movie later that night.

We come home and stay up till 10:30am and wake up a few hours later. We pretty much sit around the house all day, eat In-N-Out and go to Timmy and Gina's house later and come back home and knock out at 6am.

Monday morning, we get up and take them out to iHop (I'm under the Apple influence), dirty. No time for showers, eat good food, put some gas and take a group picture for memories.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Linux 0wnz j00

Well, I did it. I've dumped Windows in favor for Linux. I feel so clean, I don't have that dirty feeling on me anymore. Knowing that I use an OS that isn't about making someone rich, that stands for freedom and just down right good computing, makes me feel so... geeky.

I first got started fooling around with Linux back in 1997. I heard about 'unix' and I wanted to learn it. Then I learned 'unix' costs money, stupid money, but Linux was free. So I went to Software Etc. and picked up a Linux book. It was a version of Slackware, can't remember what version, but the window manager had a star for the 'start' button (I know there isn't a start in Linux, but I'm just giving people a reference.).

After flying through the pages of the monster of a book, waiting in Sears for my grandmother to look at clothes, my brain over loaded with excitement for a new operating system, I couldn't wait. I didn't back up. I didn't have a single clue what I was doing. All I knew was I wanted Linux on my computer, bad! So I popped the disc in and read the book as my fingers punched keys on the keyboard, the key clicks echoing through my room and reverberating in my head.

Skip ahead a couple hours, I couldn't get it to boot, my computer was hosed and I was pissed.

For the next few years I would dabble in Linux again, this time with the cool sounding 'Red Hat Linux' I tried version 5, 6, 7 and just as recently as 8 and 9. All of them worked but never completely. I almost gave up on Linux and the open source concept until...


I love Mandrake, everything just works. I can do everything I was doing with Windows, the only difference is now I'm safe on all my computers, I don't have to worry about there being a new patch from Micro$oft every other day.

The beauty simplicity of OS X on my laptop and the power of Linux on my desktop. I love being a geek.