Friday, February 18, 2005

Only two people have seen this…

...Mitch and Me


Friday, February 4, 2005

We can’t watch Brady Bunch, We can’t eat Captian Crunch

In ten minutes of writing this, I'll offically be 21 years old. AN ADULT! w00h00!

It doesn't feel all that great, it's really nothing special, drinking is going to become a bore, half the fun of drinking in public was getting caught. But now I can just walk up and demand alcohol!

So today, I had a absolutley wonderful-superkickass-best-amazing-prebirthday party ever! We all went to Woolgrowers' and had dinner and Ice Cream cake. I had a New York steak, medium rare. Very tasty.

What else, Lila bought me a Mac mini, my mom got me 20 inch cinema display, Moe got me a Canon Digital Rebel and Vince got me Home Movies season one on DVD, plus some cash for my trip to Vegas.

At this moment, I'm kind of dreading going. Going means that I'll be away from Lila for two, possibly more, days. Something I've never done since we been married. The most time we spent apart was when she went for her sisters' birthday party, that was an overnight thing.

So, I'm comtemplating going right now. I'll probably end up going, but I don't wanna leave my wife. :(