Friday, September 23, 2005

AC Brick

I took a blogging personality test today. This is the result.

My Bloginality is INTP!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Picture Share!

A Picture Share!

Originally uploaded by batfish.

All this junk was in my pocket. Plus my Treo and about three dollars in coins. Yes that is a lighter and no I don't smoke I just like Zippo lighters.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I streched out on the couch, I listened to the cars go by as the sun slowly went down behind the large building that sits across the street from my house. The small lamp that I had turned on earlier, the light which previously only seemed as bright as a match held up to the sun, had begun to fill the house with its warm glow.

The cool breeze from the ceiling fan had made its way over to the couch and floated over my face, making me sink deeper in to the couch, sending me deeper in to a relaxed state.

My cell phone starts dancing on the coffee table next to me, then the Airman from Megaman 2 starts playing. It's Lila.

"Hey hunny!" I say with the excitement of a four-year old on Christmas morning.

"I'll be home in a lil bit. Do you want something back from the fair?" She asks.

"Yeah, fried rice. Oh, and a baked potato!" I said.

"I miss you." she said. "I miss you, too." I replied back to her.

I got up to walk around the house, the house is lifeless. Still. The only noise in the house is the white noise spewing from the tv. I walked in the hallway and looked to my left in to the bathroom. The glow of the moon had bathed the entire room in a pale blue glow. The moonbeams shining in from the window made me stop and enjoy the surreal moment the moonlight had put in my bathroom.

The couch seems a little empty, a little lonely. I hear the train in the distance blow its horn and puts me back to when I was five-years old. The same train I would hear when I lived on 18th st. I still hear today. The same train the used to put me to sleep, still puts me in a dream like state when I hear the whistle blow from eight blocks away.

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Pirates Life For Me!

Ahoy there matey! Today be national talk like a pirate day. And as I dive the scurvy depths of comment spam, I hop ye find yer booty on this piratetacular day.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Sunday comes alone again.

There's always something special about Sundays, things just seem more surreal. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of traffic that goes by the house.

The dust seems to float a little slower in the sunlight. There's always a breeze that comes by that tickles you on the back of the neck.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Hot Dog Sir

I remember I used too love having barebeques in the park for one reason. Hot dogs. I love hot dogs so much it's not even funny.

To me, there was nothing greater then waking up on a warm summer day and hearing those words, the words that brought joy to my pudgy, un-athletic, yet enthusiastic twelve-year old body.

"We're going to the park for a B-B-Q!"

That is a some down right personal joy right there.

Also in the poker departmen, I can't win for shit. I've been catching cold cards left and right and my decent two pair or even three pairs get busted by full houses. It's down right pissing me off, I figure I'm playing right, I've been playing tight, but it's just not working. I need a major change of luck. Someone out send a little mojo my way, maybe it can change my luck or something.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

No Limit $oulja

Does any body remember when No Limit records was popular as hell? I do. Man those were funny days.