Monday, May 31, 2004

..About a man named, Mesa

I've known Mitch for years. A million in fact. I've grown up with the kid. And one thing I've always admired about him is one good manner he has.

Waiting for everyone elses food to come before he eats his.

He has the ability to sit, and wait, even if his food is right there in front of him. He will sit there, ignoring his plate mere inches from his face, acting as if he's giving he's club sandwich the silent treatment. Waiting patiently for the rest of his partys food to arrive. It takes will power to acomplish something like that.

Me on the other hand, I can barely wait to get it in my mouth. Like a crack addict who hasn't had a fix in weeks. I don't care if you haven't eaten in a month, my chicken fried steak is going in my mouth and out my butt with or with out you.