Monday, September 18, 2006

And now…

I just read yesterday's post, and I truly am sorry for that horrendous mash up of bad grammar and non-sensical ramblings.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Wow, I'm surprised that things still work around here. I was expecting to log in to MT and find some database had been corrupted or some other frustrating task that I usually have to fix.

But to my surprise every thing is fine and dandy. Hoo-ray!

I've been playing sickening ammounts of poker everyday, atleast two hours a day. I've finally played enough on PokerStars to order a T-Shirt. I ordered the black, because a geek can never have enough black T-Shirts. I've also managed to snag my self a set of of Desert Sands ceramic poker chips and a setup of Copag plastic cards. Sweet.

I managed to snag these lovely items by playing for little marketing scams that you see on the web all the time. I went to They are quite reputable, they advertise in CardPlayer magazine all the time.

I've also been suffering from seasonal allergies. I felt much worse yesterday, but the symptoms are still there, lingering in the back my nasal cavities.

During my younger days, I use to swear by Claritin when it was a prescription medicine within in minutes I would be jumping and skiping and singins songs... too much information.

However, since my beloved allergy medicine joined the ranks of Benedryl and NyQuil and the shelves of my local Walgreens, it hasn't worked the same. Taking a Claritin had the same effect of taking one Tylenol. I needed something new, something that would knock my symptoms out flat on their back.

Lila and I walked the medication aisles of Walgreens readings labels and checking directions, a woman her daughter had recommended Actifed. But that was baby games, I needed something different, something that hasn't been in my blood stream.


That's it! I've never taken this stuff before, I grabbed the ticket and off we went. Now let me explain the whole ticket thing. California is known for its high population of Meth labs. Psudophedrine is a main ingredient in meth, add to the mix that meth heads were stealing the drugs to make their precious meth.

Which brings us back to poker, I won my first $22 SNG on Full Tilt Poker under the influence of Sudafed!