Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Recently, comedian Rickey Gervais wrote a follow-up to an article he
crafted on why he doesn't believe in God.

Below is his response to a question on how he plans to spend Christmas:

"Eating and drinking too much with friends and family. Celebrating
life and remembering those that did, but can no longer.

They are not looking down on me but they live in my mind and heart
more than they ever did probably. Some, I was lucky enough to bump
into on this planet of six billion people. Others shared much of my
genetic material. One selflessly did her best for me all my life.
That’s what mums do though. They do it for no other reason than love.
Not for reward. Not for recognition. They create you. From nothing.
Miracle? They do those every day. No big deal. They are not worshiped.
They would give their life without the promise of heaven. They teach
you everything they know yet they are not declared prophets. And you
only have one."

Wether you believe or not, agree or disagree with his beliefs, I think
his message is so important: Love one another.

Merry Christmas everyone.