Wednesday, September 24, 2003

A quick update.

For those of you who don't know. The number below is a google. A google is a number followed by a hundred zero's. That's a lot of zeros.

This is the real Google


Corrected, thanks to PDM. Math is hard.

Friday, September 19, 2003

I sold out!

As you can see there's a banner ad up on top, though I don't think I'll keep cuz it's just plain ugly.

And you can buy useless crap at my webstore. Go now! Buy some stuff. You'll be the most popular person no one knows!

Arrr Matey!

Today is talk like a pirate day. But, unfortunately, I don't know how pirates talk. So I'm just gonna talk in a cockney accent, govna!

Blimey, cheerio. Me owl logo is sweeping ya' chimney it is, it is!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

They moved the stone but they didn’t move the bodies!

Tuesday I seen Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Kick ass. Wednesday I ate mexican food and went to Eagle Mountain casino. Half-Kick ass.

OUATIM, I think, was an excellent conclusion to the El Mariachi trilogy. High action, that's all it was, high action.

Wednesday, Timmy calls us up and wants to take us out to dinner as way of thanking me for helping them with Gina's website. I quickly accept the offer. It was decided a few nights earlier that we would eat at La Tapatia. A little mexican place in an alley. The food was actually quite good.

As we're eating, we get to talking about gambling and how it would be cool to go. So, we go. (I'm rhyming way too much.) Now, Eagle Mountain is on a Indian reservation (or is it Native-American reservation?) and this reservation is up IN THE mountain. I don't know the exact elevation, but you can tell that the air is much thinner outside the casino.

The drive is cool 'cuz you pass by burial grounds and it's twisty as hell, so it kinda feels like a roller coaster, other cars come within inches of your car as you go around the bend of a mountain, their lights blinding your eyes. Very cool.

If you get motion sickness, however, it's not as fun. I suffer from motion sickness, but thankfully, I didn't get sick.

So how was the casino? The inside reminded me of a retirement home. But most Indian (they say Indian on the commercials) casinos remind of old folks homes anyway. I've never been to one without seeing a morbidly obese woman, wearing a moo-moo, with an oxygen tank with a thousand dollars in a nickel machine. I was playing BlackJack with a toothless man who had been there for 48-hours straight. He was a big-shot, betting $50 a hand at a $3 table.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

What’s Going On?

It's been a while since I've posted and I figured I should do it.

Well, last week I visted the in-laws.

We took a bus to L.A.X. at 11am and got there at around 1pm. I was asleep half the time so I can't comment on wether or not the bus ride was smooth or bumpy or if we should have feared for our lives.

We get to their house around 1:45pm.

Quick side note, everyone in Los Angeles is good looking.

We sit around the house for a while, mother and daughter catching up on old times. Really nice.

After a few hours of shooting the breeze, we're starving. After some debate where to eat at (it was between Bob's Big Boy, some chinese restaurant, Tommy's or Capitol.)

So, seeing as how Lila hates the Tommy's here in town, wants original LA style Tommy's. So we drive out to Tommy's on Rampart, passing by my beloved Bob's Big Boy, and we scarf down some of the best fried patties I've ever eaten.

Not wanting to make chili farts in a museum, we fart at home for a while then hit The Los Angeles County Museum of Arts.

The paintings I seen were absolutley breathtaking, van Gogh, Monet, Picasso. My favorite french painters in one place, super!

On display, was a picture by french painter whose name I cannot remember. Two of his paintings were on display, one was called 'The Swoon' and another was called, 'Artist and her Assistant', I think. I can't remember the name. But, the painting was amazing. The actual subjects themselves were not very detailed, but the backgrounds, stunning. Photo-realistic. It boggled my mind how someone could make something look so real with just oil and canvas.

We went upstairs were we seen paintings from the Holy Roman Crusades, Celtic braclets from 800 B.C. and a mummy. The mummy was pretty cool.

Next on our schedule was a trip to the Farmer's Market/Grove. We chowed down on Pizza and Fish and met up with Mike Nenes, Big Tiff, Nino Dukes and Robert Canadian. Hung out in the Apple Store for a while. Sadly, they were closing so we didn't get to stay in there very long.

G5's are beautiful!

After about an hour, we left picked up Lila's clothes, stoped at In-N-Out and knocked out.

Looking back, it seem that alot of planning went in to doing such simple things. I guess things just work that way.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

We’re so fine!

Oh yeah, a picture of Lila's fingernails chosen as an 'editors pick' on Textamerica today. I only had it up for about an hour and we already made the front page. Click here to see the proof!

Cingular dies, a new Verizon is born.

I dumped Cingular the other day and switched to Verizon. They're pretty cool, their staff is friendly (well, atleast the corporate/tech support staff), and their coverage is awesome.

I haven't hit one dead spot in town yet, Cingular always had dead spots. The mall is notoriously bad for dead spots.

If you went in the mall and stayed out of stores, you were fine. Walk in to a store, your reception drops a bar or two. Walk to the back and your service is dead. Sayonora sucka!

I opted for Verizon's new camera phone, the LG VX6000. It's an amazing phone, beautiful color display, polyphonic ringtones, the loudest speaker on a cell phone (a bit too loud sometimes) and when set to its highest resolution, takes some of the best pictures I've seen on a camera phone.

Since I got a camera phone, I'm proud and excited to introduce The Manshorts Moblog.

Moblog is short for Mobile Blog (which is short for Web Log). It's the same idea only done with pictures. It's pretty damn cool, too. I take a picture, type some text, send it, and it shows up instantly. I'm surprised how fast it is. Within the split-second my phone is done sending, it's online.

Sayonora sucka!

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Felon No More

I got pulled over last month, my mother, my brother and my wife weren't wearing seat-belts in the backseat.

Now, since my brother is under the age of sixteen, and I was the man behind the wheel, I got a ticket for him. It was only $24, but it still sucks. The two humiliating things to get pulled over for are as follows:

1. No Seatbelts
2. Loud Stereo

So far, I've just had the pleasure of no seatbelts.

I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm so tired for some reason.