Sunday, September 30, 2007

HDR Tom-Foolery

HDR Tom-Foolery

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I'm really diggin' this new fangled HDR, or High Dynamic Range, photography.

I suppose the thing I like most about it is that the pictures capture what my eyes see in my mind. Does that make sense?

Normally, a camera takes a picture and takes it for what it is, over/under exposed images, flat colors, etc. My mind sees more then just that, I see millions of colors when I look at a sunset like this.

I'm rambling.

My Inner Chocolate Being

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mr Do.I am Mr Do.

I am sedentary by nature, enjoying passive entertainment, eating when the mood takes me, and playing with my food. I try to avoid conflict, but when I'm angered, I can be a devil - if you force me to fight, I will crush you. With apples. What Video Game Character Are You?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Advertising Done Right.

To me, the sign of a great commercial is one that you will remember for years after it stops airing.

This Gap commercial -- and I normally hate their ads -- I think it the single greatest ad ever, it's mix of music, simplicity thrown together with a little bit of the strange, makes it the perfect commercial ever.;rel=0

I think the pairing of oddball Juliet Lewis and Daft Punk was sheer genius.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I’ve got high hopes for big letdowns

Today is one of those days where I just want be like this:

But I know that I'll end up actually doing this:

Minus all the smoking and drinking.

While Lila is at the fair, I figured it could give me some time to clean out my closet and maybe rearrange my computer set up a little bit, give the old MacPro a good internal cleaning (which reminds me I have to go and buy some compressed air) and maybe add a new hard drive, tackle some of the laundry that's been hanging around, we'll see.

Well, time to uhh... err... huh... procrastinate!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

We brought it back, hard!

I'm sitting in a hotel room near L.A.X., the area where it's close enough to the airport where you can go to your car and not feel like you're going to get shot, but still far enough away that you don't hear the roar of the jet engines (which kinda sucks that I can't hear 'em).

Everyone one is doing their best to rush and get cleaned up so we can make it to the Staples center early, we're seeing Justin Timberlake tonight, and sadly we have general admission tickets, so we have to wait in line.

The chair I'm sitting on is way too low and it makes typing quite difficult.

Anyhoo, I kind of feel like a business man or something, laptop, a small collection of iPods, a fancy laptop bag and camera, blazer and black glasses. I even went downstairs and had a breakfast consisting of toast, blackberry jam and glass of Coke. The only thing missing is a free copy of USA Today.

I often wish that at times that I were a corporate salary man, I have periods in my life where I absolutely love hotel rooms and other times were I despise the word.

We're going to meet up with J.R. and Ginger at Staples and have some bottled waters, maybe some fast food sitting in an ice chest, sounds like fun.

I bought a new fountain pen the other day and I absolutely adore it! The amount of fun I've had trying to learn how to use it properly has instilled within me a spark for more creative writing. I only wish I had brought to kill some time while we wait in line.