Friday, October 24, 2003


So a new anit-spam bill gets passed. Though it still allows for some commercial spam to be legal, all false ads are considered illegal. So, major companies can still try to take my money, but "Jim" who runs a spam operation out of his parents basement, puts a subject of something along the lines of "Hey, check this out!" and just has pictures of dogs in cats in various sexual situations. His email is considered wrong and he could get the pants sued off him.

Which is really good idea, n theory, this should cut spam by my guess a third. Half would be wonderful, considering that half of the traffic on the internet is from scummy people sending out spam.

The real draw-back to the bill is that individuals are not allowed to sue the spammers. Larry Lessig had a plan where individuals could sue spammers themselves. Larry is so sure about his plan working that he bet his job that it'll work.

So two days ago, OS X Mail told me that I should switch my junk mail filtering from training to automatic. So I did and everything seems to be working good. Except last night I had a dream that two good pieces of mail got marked as junk.


Friday, October 17, 2003

Go-Go A Go-Go

Last night Lila and I had our first 'date' in a long time. What started off as a hectic ended up being really kick ass.

I first had to take some of some stuff:

1. Wash the car.
2. Put gas in said car.
3. Give back Palm Tungsten at Target.
4. Take Vince and Nini to Camelot Park.
5. Take Vince and Nini to Taco Bell.

So after I droped them off to my moms house, I picked up Lila and checked out showtimes for 'Kill Bill'. One of the biggest decisions of the night would be wether we eat before or after the movie. We ate after the movie, but more on that later.

Kill Bill was AMAZING. Simply put, the best movie of the year, maybe even ever. Going into the show I knew it was going to be good, but I was floored at just how much better then I expected. The non-stop action, the superbly simplistic plot, the signature Tarantino book-like story telling. The characters, every one of which is memorable, from The Bride to Hanzo Hattori's assistant at the sushi bar. I just can't describe how much I loved this movie. A ten in my book.

After the movie we ate at Carrows. It was garbage but it was nice just the two of us just talking about the movie and making fun of the people in Carrow. Good times.

OS X 10.3 Panther comes out in 5 days. I'm gonna go pre-order my copy later today at CompUSA. Apple products are hard to find any where else besides CompUSA here in Bakersfield and we don't have an Apple Store. Bummer.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Netflix Fanatic No More.

The author has been forced to stop distributing his absolutley wonderful program, Netflix Fanatic. Read all about it here

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Too bad, Gary.

Well, Gary Coleman received 12,683 votes. Finishing a some 3,000 votes vehind Larry Flynt. My canidate, Gerogy Russell recieved 1,946 votes. Surprisingly well for someone who had basically no promotion. Yay Georgy!

I'm just waiting for all the late night jokes to start pouring in. I know Conan O'Brien is a happy man!

Thursday, October 2, 2003

House Party

Vince, Nini and Christopher are here at my house.

I dropped my mom and Lila off at the fair and I took the kids. We ate McDonalds, seen a fire across the street from Blockbuster, got Starbucks.

Now we're all playing Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2004.

I'm quite bored. I wish Nini would hurry up and make his character so I can play. Nini sucks!